MAGGIO Giacomo

Repair of Agricultural machinery Rutigliano


Do you need to carry out maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery in Rutigliano?
Call and entrust us your tractor or other vehicle!
You will find at your service our team of experts capable of performing targeted and specific controls in the repair and maintenance of all mechanical parts both with regard to the means produced by our company and the means of other national and international brands.

We provide 360 ° assistance with interventions regarding both mechanical and electrical repairs.
For repairs, we have replacement parts of different brands and ensure fast and guaranteed service.
To ensure you efficient means you do not overlook the maintenance activities by periodically scheduling the controls. In addition to the repair of tractors, we offer controls on other agricultural equipment such as plows, nebulizers and atomizers and machinery used in earth moving activities such as excavators and milling machines.
Every control is performed with extreme care and precision, and also with regard to tires.
To offer a full service every vehicle can be subjected to revisions that can assess the overall state of the vehicle.
For any information or to reserve the checkup of your vehicle, call 0804769447 and together we will schedule the checks. We provide you with continuous and tailor-made assistance, and your vehicle will regain the efficiency of the first few days.