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Farm equipments Rutigliano


Do you have an agricultural activity and want to make your jobs more efficient and quicker?
Discover our equipments, you will find the right solution for you.

Thanks to our specialized team and to a group of qualified engineers, we realise machines suitable to meet your every need. You will be able to choose from plows, atomizers, vibrocultivators, nebulizers and other agricultural machines useful for working in the fields. In detail a description of the farm equipments in Rutigliano for sale at our showroom.

An instrument from the ancient origins and used to move the land and prepare it for subsequent operations. With the passing of years and with technological innovation several plough models have been developed: with hydraulic regulation, single furrow plough with mechanical and hydraulic adjustment. To find out about the wide range of products, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need.
Atomizers and nebulizers

Machines that are ideal for specific crop and soil treatments. Thanks to their tank, it is possible to fertilize or carry out a careful pesticide action rapidly.
Their specific action is to atomize the active mixture in aqueous solution and direct it on the cultures to be treated.
The wide range of lawnmowers and shredders of the SICMA line is characterized by a high adaptability to any type of soil and workmanship, manure spreads of the FAZA line and agriculture dusters of the group CIMA. In addition to farm equipment, you can buy tractors of the most important brands in the industry such as Landini, Antonio Carraro, McCormick.
Come and visit us and you will be able to see our means, their features and advantages closely.
If you have special requirements, we offer you a customised service for you.